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$12 per VHS Tape Transfer

Voicemail transfers priced per project (Very inexpensive)

Audio Cassettes priced per project



March 2021

I wasn’t sure about getting my 40 year old cassette tapes and 23 year old VHS tape digitized. Chris made me feel comfortable with the process. He is knowledgeable and helpful. His communication is good and I am very pleased with his work. I have more tapes I want digitized and will be using Chris. 



March 2021

Chris has been transferring my nostalgic filled VHS tapes to thumb drives this last year.

He was very professional and put me at ease with the transmittal, while accommodating my needs of personal delivery!

The end product is superior!  It is gratifying to know the process is preserving our past memories into the future!

I continue to use his respectful service, & highly recommend it to others.

Thanks Chris.

Satisfied customer,

Sue Dindia-Gray


Chris was able to take a cassette tape of music I had performed and recorded in the late 80’s, and convert it to a digital format. It was so important to myself and my family that it be preserved, as it was the last recording left in our possession. He was able to isolate and then eliminate a great deal of the background noises and static from the original recording which was phenomenal! I cannot recommend him more highly as Chris is so professional, and is really easy to work with, and pays such amazing attention to detail in his work! If you have the opportunity to work with him, I know you will feel as blessed as I was!


-Penny B, Nehalem, Oregon


You know the message: that voicemail quality, the sound of a loved one's voice, the way it transports you to another time an place, makes you feel together with that person, the sound of their voice from across the country or across the globe through the mystery of modern machinery. And you just can't bring yourself to delete that message--you've heard it so many times and it brightens your day anytime you check your voicemail and you hear it once again. Why not add it to a mix tape?! Or start off a song on your new record with a whimsical personal message from a friend? Chris helped me do just that and his kind, professional, calm demeanor made the whole process enjoyable. And damn, drop dead ugly to boot.

Aaron C, Portland, Oregon


Thank you so much for the speedy and excellent service in getting my 40 year old cassette tapes put into CD’s. My father recorded me and my sister in the late 50’s and early 60’s on a reel to reel recorder and then manually played those tapes into a cassette recorder. The final product in cassette is what you had to work with, background noise, page turns, even possibly some groans included, came out beautifully. But what a fantastic job of getting the music as authentic as possible.
Oh and one cassette was recorded from an actual long play record of my high school choir from 1966.
The best part is hearing my mother and father’s voices as they announce each piece.  And, Wow, we were really good for pre-teen kids!!!
So, Chris, thank you so very much. I’ll recommend your work to all my friends who may need this type of work done. 

Jennie M, Nehalem, Oregon

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